What to order at Griff’s in Montrose, Houston Texas

So one of the best places I have discovered so far in Houston, Texas is Griff’s Irish Pub located in the Montrose neighborhood. With a warm and welcoming, small hometown feeling, and tons of specials, you will feel right at home here the second you walk through the door. After viewing my first apartment here in Houston, I wandered into Griffs between my appointments and was immediately welcomed by inviting locals, cheep brews, and a pretty decent selection of affordable pub food. The sweet owners, a pair of two older local ladies, welcome guests with cookies and Jello shots whenever the local team scores. It’s a great way to bring in business and the locals often pack the place during sports games and for Quizzo/Trivia and sometimes even poker. They serve food until 10PM while there’s nothing fancy or exotic, it’s done right and probably better than anything you can whip up at home. I’ve been coming here for 3 weeks now and most of the friends I have made were right here at Griff’s. Everyone is warm and welcoming, and if you have a few too many, there’s not much judgement. Don’t forget about the daily specials! Some aren’t even on the menu! But you can find them here on my blog. And you’ll probably find me there too.


Wednesday – Pork Chop and Pokse Night – Market Price

Fri: Catfish Special during Karyoke

$9 Cheeseburger Special with Fries or Tots

Tuesday Pork Chop Special $9.99 (Lunch)
Pork Chop with Mashed Potates, Gravy, and the FAMOUS Green Beans

Wednesday Chicken Parm $10.95 (Lunch)

Thursday (Lunch) Burger Basket $8.95

Friday (Lunch) Catfish $9.99

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