Ionvac SmartClean 2000 Robovac - WiFi Robotic Vacuum with App/Remote Control

Review: Ionvac SmartClean 2000 Robovac – WiFi Robotic Vacuum with App/Remote

I have been using the Ionvac SmartClean 2000 Robovac for a few weeks now and I want to share my honest opinion about it. This is a WiFi robotic vacuum that can be controlled with an app or a remote. It claims to have powerful suction, a long battery life and a smart navigation system. But does it live up to its promises?

Ionvac SmartClean 2000 Robovac – WiFi Robotic Vacuum with App/Remote Control Video Review – Jim Washkau


  • Powerful motor
  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • Anti-collision and cliff sensors
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Can be controlled with an app or remote control


  • Sometimes gets stuck on furniture or cords
  • Doesn’t always return to its charging base when it’s low on battery
  • Comes with only one filter

The first thing I noticed about this robovac is how affordable it is. It costs less than $100, which is much cheaper than other models on the market. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it cleans my floors. It picks up dust, dirt, hair, and crumbs with ease. It has four cleaning modes: auto, spot, edge and single room. I usually use the auto mode and let it roam around the house.

The app is very easy to use and allows me to schedule the cleaning times, check the battery level, and switch between modes. The remote control is also handy and has a simple interface. The robovac can connect to Alexa or Google Assistant, which is a nice feature if you want to use voice commands.

However, this robovac is not perfect. It often gets stuck under furniture or on rugs and needs my help to get out. It also rarely returns to the home base by itself when the battery is low. I must manually guide it back or carry it to the charging station. This can be annoying and defeats the purpose of having a smart device.

Another thing I wish it had was more replacement brushes and a filter. It only came with one filter and no extra brushes. The filter gets dirty quickly and needs to be cleaned often. The brushes also wear out over time and need to be replaced. I had to order them separately online, which added to the cost.

Finally, I wish it mapped the house better and remembered where it had been cleaned before. It seems to move randomly and sometimes misses spots or cleans the same area twice. It does not have a camera or a laser sensor like some other models. It relies on infrared sensors and bumpers to avoid obstacles.

I bought this robovac on Black Friday for only $79, which was a steal. I think it’s a good deal for what it offers. It may not be the most sophisticated or flawless robovac out there, but it does a good enough job of keeping my floors clean and saving me time and effort. For this price, I can overlook some of its drawbacks and enjoy its benefits.

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Overall, I think this is a good robovac for the price, but it has some flaws that need to be improved. It does a decent job of cleaning my floors, but it often gets stuck and rarely returns to the home base. It also lacks some accessories and features that would make it more convenient and efficient. If you are looking for a budget-friendly robovac that gets the job done well, you might want to give this one a try.

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