How to email your documents to the Texas DMV

so if you find yourself at the Texas DMV and you need documents that you don’t have printed out this is the email address you want to send your documents to. I was at the DMV the other day and of course I needed to print out additional documents I thought I had everything but I didn’t. So what they told me was that you can email the documents required to this email address and they would print it out for you. I thought that was incredibly intuitive and a great way to help people when they’re trying to get official documents I’ve lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and no other state allowed me to do this, good for you Texas for trying to help the common person.

So this is the email address to send your documents do if you can’t seem to find it or don’t remember. d remember, this is just for the mega center. Every center is likely different and you should try to get the email address in person or from an official if you can this is the one that was provided to me.

[email protected]

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