The mess that is Microsoft Complete – Surface Pro Service Request

The mess that is Microsoft Complete – Surface Pro Service Request

So on March 11th, my Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB suffered some catastrophic damage. I put the Surface in my briefcase and left the room. About 30 seconds later, I heard my girlfriend scream my name as I rush back to discover my briefcase had tipped over and the surface slid out and fell about 3 feet onto tile floor. Needless to say, the Surface did not survive. As visible below, the screen had cracked and glass shards were flaking off the screen. Surprisingly, the Surface internals had survived and the unit did function.

tl;dr (Full Story Below)
They did not replace it in store.
They did not overnight it as promised.
It was not shipped within 2 days of arriving.
My package is lost and was never sent to FedEx.
3+ weeks and I don’t have any idea where my Surface is.

Update: My device was returned without being repaired
I was accused of tampering with the device
and voiding the warranty
Microsoft finally admitted to making a mistake after 6 weeks

The store was understanding and helped me fix their mistake


Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB cracked screen

Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB cracked screen

At this point, I was very fortunate to had bought the $150 Microsoft Complete warranty package which covered accidents like this. I decided to drive to the Wilmington DE Microsoft Store about 1 hour away after work. I made an appointment and got there right on time. The staff was very friendly but in the end, I was forced to ship it out to their service center to get it fixed. I asked them why I could not exchange it in store and they told me they were “out of stock”. I asked again but this time it was “they do not have any service replacements but do have Surfaces in stock”. This was the first alarm that this wasn’t going to be a hassle free return. I insisted that I would like to get the unit back within 5 days for a business trip and they told me they would overnight it to the repair facility. I paid the $50 deducible as required in the insurance policy and drove the 1+ hour home. Fast forward 3 weeks and I still have no clue when I will receive my Surface back.

March 13th

So I left the service store on March 13th with the hope that I would get it back when I got home from my trip. Fast forward 1 week and it hasn’t even arrived at the repair facility. It clearly wasn’t overnighted and the FedEx tracking number I got kept saying “not found”.

Finally, 7 days later they finally got the Surface. It took 1 week to arrive despite being told several times it would be sent overnight. Clearly I was lied to here.

Microsoft Complete- Overnight shipping took 7 days.

Microsoft Complete- Overnight shipping took 7 days.

So since the email said it would be shipped in 2 days, I thought I was going to be getting it back soon. 3 days later I heard nothing. I decided to contact Microsoft chat to see where it was at. They didn’t help, at all. This was all I got from the live chat.

March 23rd, 10 days after shipping the device from the Microsoft store.

You: I see. Could I get that tracking information now so I know when to expect it?
Karen P: The tracking information will be sent to you, once it is shipped.
You: Oh, so it has not shipped. Do you know how it is normally shipped then? Ground or overnight shipping? Because the store told me it would be sent overnight but it took over a week for the support site to show that it has arrived.
Karen P: When the item is shipped it is sent via FedEx. I cannot say for sure if it is sent via ground or overnight shipping.
Karen P: I am sorry that this is taking longer than you were expecting.
You: Ok. Well thank you for your help. I’ll await that email.
Karen P: Is there anything else I can assist you with, or answer for you today?
You: That’s all. Thanks.

So it had been over the 2 days I was told in the email and they couldn’t even give me an update.

March 27th

I waited another 5 days for an update and finally got the shipping notification. It only took 3 days longer than I was told.

Microsoft Complete Service request has shipped. Shipment lost and tracking doesn't work.

Microsoft Complete Service request has shipped. Shipment lost and tracking doesn’t work.

The only problem? The tracking number doesn’t work. I’ve been checking it every day to see if FedEx will recognize the tracking number but all I get is not found. The package is definitely lost and was never sent to FedEx.


Surface Pro Service Request FedEx Lost Package

 March 28th

I contacted support again. Got the run around.

Spencer L: Now, I have one quick question, then I can let you know what we found out. Were able to use this tracking number to track the order previously or has it always given you this error?
Jim Washkau: It’s always given this error.
Spencer L: Okay, that means I have some good news.
Spencer L: What can happen, is that the tracking number doesn’t take effect on the site until the device gets scanned into a sorting facility, so this order is being shipped as we speak, it just hasn’t been scanned into the sorting facility by FedEx yet.
Jim Washkau: I see. Do you know if these return packages are normally shipped via ground or overnight?
Spencer L: They are typically shipped via ground, it usually takes between 3-6 days for you to receive the device once it has left our facilities!
Jim Washkau: Ok. Then I will await for the tracking to update. Thank you for your help.
Spencer L: Is there anything else I can help you resolve today?
Jim Washkau: That’s all. Thanks.
Spencer L: Thanks for contacting Surface Support and have a great day!

April 1st

By now, I’m completely fed up. I contacted support again and all they can do is escalate it to their “Microsoft Care Team”. Another 3-5 business days just to figure out where my Surface is. What a great experience.

Marlena A: Hmm, by my calculations (now that I’m looking at the right calendar), you should have received your device by now.
Jim Washkau: That’s what I have thought too but the tracking shows 
Jim Washkau: Not found
Marlena A: Did you contact your local FedEx location to see if they had it at their store?
Jim Washkau: I don’t have any tracking number to go by as there is nothing under the number that was given to me
Jim Washkau: ****************** does not work.
Marlena A: That certainly is interesting. Yes, I see that number here, and you’re correct. It does not bring up anything.
Marlena A: I do not like to see my, and Microsoft’s, customer upset, inconvenienced, frustrated, confused or concerned in any way regarding their device, so I always strive to create and maintain the best positive customer experience. I know what it is like to get home and open up that pristine box to find a device you invested in not working for you in all the ways it could – I have been there many times. This is why any issue you come across with your device is no more acceptable to me than it is to you.
Marlena A: So would you mind if I took 2-3 minutes to see what we can do for you?
Jim Washkau: Sure.
Marlena A: Thank you so much for your patience.
Marlena A: Okay, I am still looking into our next step, and gathering all the information I can for us.
Marlena A: Are you still in the chat line with me, Jim?
Jim Washkau: Yes, I am here
Marlena A: Oh good! I thought I had lost you for a moment there.
Marlena A: While looking into this, I was checking through the FedEx site, checking through our tools and checking on
Jim Washkau: Ok
Marlena A: What I found was inconclusive, as our tools say your device shipped on the 26th, but then nothing comes up with the FedEx tracking number.
Marlena A: I can see how frustrating and concerning this is, Jim, I’m just getting confirmation on our next step.
Jim Washkau: Sure, take your time.
Marlena A: Thank you so much, Jim!
Marlena A: While we are waiting on that confirmation, I can answer any other questions you may have regarding your device.
Marlena A: Aside from this particular issue, is there anything else I can assist you with today or any questions I can answer?
Jim Washkau: No, just this. Thanks
Marlena A: Great!
Marlena A: Thank you so, so much for your patience, Jim!
Marlena A: I have what we need to do next.
Jim Washkau: Ok
Marlena A: What we need to do is to send this case up to our CARE team, and our specialists will investigate this case.
Marlena A: Then they will contact you in about 3-5 business days with further information.
Jim Washkau: It will take 3-5 days? Will they be calling me?
Marlena A: They will either call you, or send you an email.
Marlena A: That is our next step, may I please get a phone number you can be reached at, your primary email and your main hours of availability?
Marlena A: With this turn around time, they should be able to contact you by Friday, and if not Friday, Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
Jim Washkau: My phone number is**********, email is *************, I’m available at any time.
Marlena A: Thank you! I will record this now.
Jim Washkau: And can you please escalate this case. I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks now.
Marlena A: Yes, this is precisely what we are doing right now.
Marlena A: That is what the CARE team is.
Jim Washkau: Another 3-5 days just to see if it has been shipped is not exactly escalating. 
Marlena A: Oh no, what they will do is investigate this case and see why there is inconsistent information, and try and locate your device.
Jim Washkau: very well.
Marlena A: Thank you for understanding.
Marlena A: Now, did you set this order up yourself online?
Jim Washkau: no, I brought it to a service store
Marlena A: Oh, alright!
Jim Washkau: microsoft store that is
Marlena A: And what was the original issue?
Jim Washkau: The screen had cracked.
Marlena A: Okay!
Marlena A: I’m just filling out a required form for the CARE team.
Marlena A: So today we were discussing your exchange shipment, and where it is. In the ended, we had to send up your case to the CARE team.
Marlena A: I have taken detailed notes on all steps and questions throughout our interaction, and if needed be, you can use your service number to give to the next agent you come in contact with regarding this issue. Your service number is: **********.
Marlena A: Everything is complete on my end and looks good to go! Aside from this particular issue, is there anything else I can assist you with today or any questions I can answer?
Jim Washkau: No, that is all.
Marlena A: For any further concerns, inquiries or issues, please contact us again here at Surface Support, if it is of a related issue, you can use your service request number for more efficient support. Or you could also refer to for reference to the support forums. It was nice making your acquaintance today. Thank you for contacting us, I hope you have a great afternoon!

To end your chat please click  X near the top of the chat window.

Needless to say, I am very frustrated. I was promised that it would be overnighted and then sent out within 2 days of arriving. I’m on 3 weeks now and am being told it’s going to be another 5 days to hear back from this “Care Team” + the time it takes to ship back to me if they manage to find it. Microsoft is clearly lost at managing hardware. I expected better for a $200+ warranty service. Until Microsoft figures out how to do things like Apple (in-store replacements and repairs), they won’t be competitive. What a disappointment.

Update as of May 3rd, 2013:

I’ve had my Surface for a few weeks but it wasn’t without headache. I got my Surface back from the service facility on March 30th expecting a nice, new, repaired Surface. I opened the box and guess what. They DIDN’T REPAIR IT AFTER OVER 3 WEEKS. After all this effort, they sent it back saying the device had “excessive damage or was tampered with”. I was furious.

I called up the Surface number and let them have it for over 2 hours. They kept insisting there was “nothing more they could do and the device has been blacklisted”. They didn’t care that I had the extended warranty that covered screen damage for this exact reason. I asked for the supervisor and he was barely of any further help. In the end, after 2 hours on a support line, all they offered was have the care team look into it. Nobody admitted that a mistake had been made. However, I did manage to get them to call the original store I brought the Surface to and explain the situation. I told them I was going to the store again and I wanted the unit replaced.

The next day I got there and they were actually extremely helpful. They exchanged my broken unit with a new one and was apologetic for the situation. This was really the only good experience through this whole ordeal. The store was understanding of the circumstances and didn’t cause me any further headache.

So now at this point I finally have a working Surface and am being a lot more careful with it. Probably too careful. The screen can break and one bad fall will do it. 2 weeks later the Microsoft CARE team finally got back to me saying a mistake was made and the repair facility did not treat it as a Microsoft Complete warranty. It’s obvious that this system is a mess and for 3+ weeks they screwed up over and over. If this happens to you, make sure you get your device replaced in-store and avoid shipping it out at all costs. They’ll give you the run around blame it on you.


  • Satish
    Posted at 16:36h, 29 April

    Ouch! I also cracked my Surface Pro screen in a similar way. The damage to my screen was less than yours but a cracked screen nonetheless. I unfortunately did not buy the protection plan simple because the surface pro was touted to be durable in the presentations. This is the first mobile device that I bought that I don’t have any form of protection on. Best Buy said we can’t do anything for you. Microsoft Store said no juice. I called customer service and was told that if I pay $482 including shipping I will get a replacement. That was last week on the 22nd. Today I got an email saying that my device has shipped. I hope I receive it in the next couple days!!!

    Hope you got your unit by now!

  • Satish
    Posted at 10:30h, 03 May

    Update: I haven’t received my pro yet 🙁 Fedex says no package was given to them. microsoft says the package was shipped. I am leaving the country tomorrow and no tablet. may be i should have stuck with a samsung android at least I could have bought four for the price of 1 surface pro!

  • Jim
    Posted at 11:14h, 03 May

    I feel your pain. I wanted mine for my trip to Europe but their process is simply too long.

    For some reason, Microsoft updates the status to shipped but it took 1+ week for the package to actually get to Fedex. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait for now. Not the service I would expect from such an expensive and important device for Microsoft.

  • suzy
    Posted at 17:31h, 18 June

    A complete scam what ever happened to the 1 year warranty -I wish I had never listened to my 12 year old I am an acer fan fantastic customer service ,great product in 10 years I have never felt I was being scammed this was the 1st microsoft product ever purchased what a scam after 4 days it was broken $469 and we will replace it what!!!!!Excuse me what about the manufacturers warranty .I paid $1200 for this rubbish I dont want to pay nearlly $500 for a replacement I just want it fixed .No wonder Bill Gates is so rich .I an going to throw away the piece of microsoft trash and buy another acer and an ipad at least the customer service is 2nd to none these people are delusional William what ever we were given the run aroun for 2 and a half months even drove 250 miles to Miami as the microsoft store there told us as we had only had it for 4 days they would exchange it .Only to be told when we got there that was not the case .!!!!Really a microsoft worker who doesnt know company policy -shameful especially at the consumer expense

  • Craig
    Posted at 23:31h, 16 May

    Microsoft is running a scam on these machines. I had my Surface Pro for less than one year and a hairline crack appeared (the device was never dropped or mishandled). The Crack is under the top layer of the glass and you cannot feel it with your finger and you can only see it from any angle. But the crack has compromised the touch functioning of the device. I contracted Microsoft and was told that this was “Physical Damage” and was not covered under the warranty and that I would have to pay for the repair, or that they would do it as an out of warranty exchange. They did not tell me how much more damage this was going to do to my wallet. I protested that there should not be any charge as this is a defect in a component in their product no different if the motherboard had a crack in it. They said that I could take it to the Microsoft Store, but again the representative stated that I would have to pay for the repair. This smells of a total scam by Microsoft and a shame given that I thought that they were really committed to putting the best device they could in the the stream of commerce. Let see if I have better luck at the Microsoft Store, but from reading this post I will not be expecting much more.

  • Jay M
    Posted at 05:45h, 23 May

    Just purchased a used Surface Pro from a responsible 1st owner. The original warranty was over, but an extended warranty on manufacture and another for drops and spills, etc. had been purchased and good through Dec. 19, 2015. I was warned before registering that there may be an extended warranty on the device and that I’d have to agree to the Terms and Conditions for those warranties to apply – so I did. And guess what? Both warranties are gone. I am expected to pay for extended service even though there should already by extended warranties on the device AND a paid-for Microsoft Office Home and Business that I cannot get the product key for. I can still contact the original owner, but Microsoft seems uninterested in honoring their warranties that are ALREADY PAID FOR! Corrupt and ugly…MS hasn’t changed, despite a good product.

  • sekhar kondepudi
    Posted at 04:50h, 25 May

    Looks like I have a very similar issue with MSFT. I purchased from their on line store and included a COMPLETE Warranty. The screen is broken due to an accidental fall and 10 days after reporting it, the “CARE” team has not even responded to acknowledge this.

    Smells like an “insurance racket” – they hope you will go away. So, I have LOST 10 days and counting in a 2 year warranty…

    What makes it worse is that I now live in Singapore and all I get is a bunch of Filipino Call Center Operators – whose supervisor says he has no boss and he is the boss.

    Will NEVER buy another Microsoft Product.

  • David Stewart
    Posted at 10:12h, 14 July

    I too have done time in the torture chamber that is otherwise known as Microsoft support. My only hardware issue with my Surface is a repeated “drive_power_state_failure.” Which is more annoying than mission critical. But, sadly, I have had many software issues and Microsoft support is nothing short of horrible – every time. I love my Surface, it is a great computer. It suits me very well. But I absolutely HATE having any interaction with MS support. I too have captured long and absurd support chat sessions.

    I think the goal of MS support is to wear you down so that you give up.

  • Evan James
    Posted at 11:21h, 14 September

    I battled with them for two months. There phone support is a rabbit hole. Finally I went a store and got support. Next time I’m buying at Best Buy. Here is your new computer, no questions asked.

  • Marc
    Posted at 13:23h, 02 November

    I just sold my Surface Pro 3 (in anticipation of purchase of new Surface Book), and tried to contact Microsoft support to cancel my Microsoft Complete extended warranty and request a prorated refund. Four times, I was told “we don’t do that.” When I mentioned the fact that their contract specifically called out “If Your cancellation request is made after 30 days of the Contract purchase date, You will receive a pro-rata refund of the Contract purchase price paid by You, minus any Claims paid by Us (except in Arizona, Georgia & Missouri where Claims deduction is prohibited) and an administrative fee not to exceed 10% of the Contract purchase price or $10.00; whichever is less.” – I was hung up on…four separate times.

    I suggest that, based on this experience, if you are purchasing any Microsoft product, you consider this experience (and the ones above) when deciding whether or not to purchase a Microsoft extended warranty.

  • Steve Lescault
    Posted at 16:24h, 07 November

    I purchased a Surface Book from Staples online. I also needed to upgrade my Office Personal subscription to Home to have the software on both. Microsoft informed me the upgrade would be done automatically when I purchased the Home version. This was done. However Microsoft also charged me for the Personal version. I am sharing this because like the person above mentions, I was hung up on twice. There were clearly two charges on my Microsoft account, and another rep insisted she was on the same page as me. 60 minutes later she finally said, ah yes sir you were overcharged. It took another 30 minutes to charge my credit card for a third Office 365, ask me to uninstall the previously purchased Home Office, and refund me for the initial Personal overcharge + the Home version they told me to buy in the first place. But the credits would take 6 days to appear on my card. This caused my Staples order to be cancelled because my card was now missing funds.

    A friend purchased a Surface Book and said there were issues with the product, the system crashes regularly, AND THE BATTERY DOES NOT LAST 12 HOURS AS ADVERTISED. It lasts max 7 hours.

    An iFixit technician reviewer gave the Book a 1/10 for repairability:

    I called Microsoft to inquire about Microsoft Complete for $250. I just might need it. Because I purchased the Book at Staples Microsoft informs me that I need to purchase Complete in store, Microsoft store. The rep asks for my postal code to find the nearest store, I live in Montreal, Canada. She says the nearest is in Alberta. I say that’s a 5-hour flight I’m in Eastern Canada. She says ah yes, you can also go to Vancouver sir. I say maam look at the map please, I’m in the East. She promptly hung up on me.

    Next rep confirms I need to purchase Microsoft Complete at the store, but that there’s a store in Toronto. The extended warranty on a faulty product will cost me a 7 hour bus ride to Toronto.

    The craziest thing is that the Toronto Microsoft Store DO NOT have Surface Books, they can only issue Microsoft Complete extended warranties for the Book.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Fiona Matthews
    Posted at 15:57h, 23 November

    I purchased a Surface 2 lte from the Microsoft store at West Edmonton mall in Alberta. At the same time I purchased the Complete warranty. I tried to claim on the warranty because the SIM card holder tray wouldn’t close. Every time I called Microsoft support I was told that my device was purchased in the US, even though I have a receipt.. Microsoft suggested that I go to the US to have the device repaired. Now the screen is cracked and Microsoft is denying that I purchased the Complete package. Calling Microsoft support is like entering the seven circles of hell. Microsoft does not honor their warranty. Buy something else!

  • Shane
    Posted at 05:38h, 23 December

    the Microsoft Store Support is indeed a rabbit hole. Called in From Singapore and the Customer Call Centres, which are located in the Philippines kept transfering me from one department to another department, back to the same department. All in all, I had to explain the issue over and over again and didnt get my issue solved. Had enough of it when one of the operators transferred me back to their main line to start the whole process all over again.

    I got my Surface Pro 4 as a gift from a lucky draw. As there was a defect with the product within the 1st 30 days, i called in to have the product replaced under the 30 days buyers replacement scheme. But I was told that I couldnt replace the device even though the device was registered under my name, and the previous support guy that I had called last week had sent me a verification code to my email.
    This tech support that I spoke to today kept insisting that I couldn’t use my email as verification, and said that she had to send the verification email to the one that purchased this device.

    End of the story? I couldn’t get my replacement done even though a defect was found within 30 days because i had no access to the person that purchased the device at all.

    Am now considering getting Microsoft Complete, but now I am really thinking twice, will they even let me change the device at all if it completely breaks down?

    WORD OF ADVICE: Pls DO NOT purchase the Surface Pro 4/ Book as a gift if you dont have a physical store in your country!

  • Tan
    Posted at 07:09h, 17 February

    Has anyone actually successfully had their Surface Pro replaced using Microsoft Complete? I’m based in Singapore, and bought my Surface Pro 3 in Singapore. I bought Microsoft Complete online a month later. Thank goodness I did because the back of my device is badly scratched due to an accident…

  • Dani Jones
    Posted at 15:16h, 02 April

    I am on my 4th call to MSoft to get my 2nd Surface Pro–replaced. The first one I had a short time and it had a few serious issues. The MS store took it back and I bought up to this Surface Pro. The typing freezes -it does this if I am writing an email of typing on a document. The magnetic =power cord, the light does not stay on. I already replaced the portion of the cord that plugs into the wall (a recall bay MS was why only this cord was replaced) So the extended warranty is almost up in a few days.

    Today I spent 3. hours on the phone to MS. Still on hold. Call one, got me to the spot where the tech was contacting the local store to see if they had a replacement. Though he had my phone and cell number-when my call was cut of on his end, he never called back. I then called back, and after a 20 minute hold to reach the 2nd MS person-e told me that my local store would not have this older model. He said I need to call for an SR number, I thought great, now I am going to get help. The phone number he gave me did not work, so I called. MS again, the 3rd person asked me why I was calling for assistance. I asked her to read the notes under my email and Surface serial number.. No notes were logged, Not even my complete re-install a few months ago. She. Said she would transfer me to my local store in San Diego. Well, that call was dropped and MS did not call me back.
    I called MS AGAIN, talked to the 4th person, Now each call was starting from scratch. This is now going into the 3rd hour of being on the phone to MS..Call 4, the MS person said, we need to determine why the problem is, I explained the complete re-install was done. She said no notes that I had even called.. no surprise here.. All of the MS folks I talked to were very cordial but I realized they have a short list available to them on what they can offer. 1. They will mail me a refurbished model. (now we all know if we paid 100% for a electronic device, why are we getting a refurbished model and no difference in price back for accepting the USED item if this is a product defect?) This last person from MS told me that she can send my call to my local MS retail store… I asked for a supervisor and he listened and said he would have another staff member call the local MS Retail store so I would not worry about being disconnected (again). Finally a MS Local person (not IN the retail store but the call center) Nishi was very cool. She said to bring in my Surface and they will take care of it. My extended warranty runs out in a few days. The last thing I wanted to do was to mail in my Surface Pro and join thee others before me that had issues with: getting their unprepared item back”: the Bermuda Triangle of the tracking— so it would appear the customer never shipped the item, to MS even though they had tracking numbers that did not show up on the shipper or MS’ system,.
    I always had Toshiba’s and they are workhorses and the warranty does what it tells you it will. I once called to inquire about the cost of replacing the D drive–this was after the warranty expired. They gave me the name of a local shop and said ” we will cover it” no problem.. I had 3 Toshiba Laptops and cannot say enough about them. I got this Surface based on all the hype of it being the latest and greatest. The local store is great and all of the staff are amazing. I will take my Surface Pro in tomorrow and hopefully find out how the MS Company handles this. I will keep you posted

  • Wil
    Posted at 02:36h, 19 April

    I have recently purchased a Surface Book and I’m waiting for my second replacement machine in less than a month of initial purchase. I have now spent more time trying to repair the machine than spent on the machine itself. The first one died within two weeks from an infinite opening loop problem, and the second machine’s IOS was corrupted beyond repair.

    The only thing worse than the quality of the machines was the after-sales service; apparently, if a user does not live in North America, support is very thin. After I submitted a confirmation of my replacement from Microsoft, I was assured that I would receive further instructions from the third party walk-in centre where I would exchange my machine for a new one. These instructions never came and the phone of the walk-in was never answered. After my third call to Microsoft (who themselves also failed to connect with the walk-in centre), I was told that the machine has already arrived but that I only had ONE DAY to retrieve it from the centre. A visit to the centre revealed that it was akin to a third-rate Groupon-like redemption centre (all the other people in line were redeeming prizes from credit cards, etc.) – not a positive customer experience overall. I now understand why people pay a premium to buy Apple machines.

  • Wolf
    Posted at 04:53h, 04 June

    I had the same issues.
    Instead of reparing it (contact with ms support with fotos and chats explaining before i send it in) it came back after 4 weeks just with a paper inside telling me that a cracked glass is not inside warranty… it didnt felt down nor force was applied, i have no idea why it cracked.
    For a “premium” “Laptop” in this price range it is a effrontery

  • Jillian
    Posted at 20:53h, 16 July

    What number did you call to talk to Microsoft support? I have been trying for almost a month to get my laptop repaired and I keep getting my phone calls directed to India where they place me on hold, transfer me to someone else, have me explain the issue over and over to different people only to tell me that they “aren’t sure” how to activate my extended warranty and tell me they’ll get back to me, which they never do.

  • David Marshall
    Posted at 20:16h, 08 September

    I bought a Surface online and after 7 days it still has not shown up on the tracking at UPS…I called Microsoft support and after about 10 phone calls again and again they finally said it never shipped from their “warehouse” and they didn’t know why. They finally said they will send the problem to the “escalation” department?? It might help to ask for a manager as that is finally who someone spoke to about problem after endless run arounds. It finally arrived and be sure to ask them to overnight it at no extra cost if this happens to you.

  • Peter Evans
    Posted at 13:44h, 01 January

    My Surface Pro will not start but is still under warranty. Sent it back, waited two weeks and back it came with a note saying the warranty was void as “it showed signs of physical or intentional damage”. There is no visible damage, it is close to perfect. I called they said the screen was cracked, it is not. Then they said the case was damaged, it is not. I have sent 25 photographs all showing excellent condition. I went back to the store where I purchased it and they could not see signs of damage. I spoke to a man wearing a Microsoft Expert shirt, he could not find signs of damage. These calls take hours and so far have not resulted in any indication that the warranty will be respected. The warranty is required by law but Microsoft appears to flout their responsibilities by rejecting units for bogus reasons. The fight is not yet over.

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