Logitech Harmony 550 - Review - Jim Washkau Jr.

Logitech Harmony 550 – Review

Logitech Harmony 550 – Review

Since I’m in the blogging mood here is a review of my latest home theater addition, the Logitech Harmony 550 Universal Remote. Since I have a bunch of Amazon.com gift cards I grabbed the the Harmony 550 refurb for $50. It was a pretty good deal as they retail for almost double that. I got it about 3 days after I ordered it and it came in a huge amazon box for this small remote (tsk tsk Amazon, that’s not green at all! – still a great company though). Anyway I connected the remote to my computer via USB, typed in all the equipment I had and loaded on the files in about 10 minutes. Very easy to install and use. I really like the LCD screen as you can completely customize what buttons you want easy access to. Also the blue backlight its really nice for at night. The range on it is great, I can actually change the volume of my Z-5500 speakers without having to go into crazy positions just for the receiver to read the standard remote. The only downside I see about the remote is that it uses 4 AAA batteries and the LCD screen is always on. I have a feeling I should invest in some rechargeable batteries as I may be replacing them often.

  • Tom
    Posted at 00:32h, 17 May

    thats insane…gotta get me one of them..

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