Fixing Stuff

Fixing Stuff

Consider this a fair warning; this isn’t anything particularly spectacular, interesting, or exciting  but I know your probably going to read it anyway for some reason. Anyway, Yesterday I managed to fix both my somewhat older Asus S96j laptop and my 1995 Mitsubishi Montero. After sitting in the driveway all winter my Montero needed a few hoses replaced which was causing both a lack of power steering and brake pressure. It’s an easy fix…if you have the parts. After going to global Mitsubishi all the way down ’22 3 or 4 times I finally got all the parts specially ordered.My father and I installed them with little problems. Now I just need to sell it, anybody interested? 😉

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In addition to that, I also fixed my Asus 15.4″ S96j Laptop. Even though it’s an almost 3 year old laptop and I have already had to replace the screen, keyboard, power adapter, and battery I’m not giving up on it yet. With a core 2 duo processor, x1600 dedicated graphics card, and a 7200rpm hdd it rivals most modern day performance laptops; it gets a 4.9 rating in Windows 7, that’s damn good! Through normal wear and tear the ac power adapter tip soldering directly onto the motherboard stopped working after becoming loose so I could no longer power or charge it. My first attempt to fix this failed after I bought a new power tip but ended up doing a horrible solder job and screwed up the pins that hold it into place. So I ordered a new power tip again last week and hoped I could figure out a way to make it work. I ended up getting a drill and actually drilled through the motherboard in order to reseat the power tip. It was risky because if I scraped one trace line on the motherboard it would be ruined. I then filled the holes with some solder and to my surprised it powered on flawlessly. Now if I only had a use for 3 laptops…


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