02 Feb Protected: Zynga Critical Analysis

Zynga’s business strategy takes a unique position which depends on the transactions of highly profitable patrons called “whales.” Although Zynga has over 232 million active users that play their social online games, only a small portion of these users account for all of Zynga’s overall...

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29 Jan Protected: Fivestar Tires Assignment

James Washkau Kelsey and Mackenzie Inc. Philadelphia, PA 19123 May 11, 2011 Craig Harris Marketing Manager Fivestar, Inc. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Dear Craig: I understand that Fivestar, Inc  is having difficulties with the sales of their winter tires. We believe that the problem is not with the actual tires but rather the attitudes of...

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29 Jan Evolutions and Extinctions – Lab Final Review Page

Evolutions and Extinctions - Lab Final Review Page Cnidarians Rugose Corals Tabulate corals Hexacorals Bryozoans Brachiopods Inarticulates Articulates Mollusks Gastropods Bivalves Cephalopods- squids -Nautiloids -Ammonoids -Belemnoids Arthropods -Trilobites -Crustaceans Echinoderms -Crinoids -Echinoids -Asteroids Hemichordates -Graptolites -...

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