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So on March 11th, my Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB suffered some catastrophic damage. I put the Surface in my briefcase and left the room. About 30 seconds later, I heard my girlfriend scream my name as I rush back to discover my briefcase had tipped over and the surface slid out and fell about 3 feet onto tile floor. Needless to say, the Surface did not survive. As visible below, the screen had cracked and glass shards were flaking off the screen. Surprisingly, the Surface internals had survived and the unit did function. tl;dr (Full Story Below) They did not replace it in store. They did not overnight it as promised. It was not shipped within 2 days of arriving. My package is lost and was never sent to FedEx. 3+ weeks and I don't have any idea where my Surface is. Update: My device was returned without being repaired I was accused of tampering with the device and voiding the warranty Microsoft finally admitted to making a mistake after 6 weeks The store was understanding and helped me fix their mistake   [caption id="attachment_884" align="alignnone" width="204"]Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB cracked screen Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB cracked screen[/caption] At this point, I was very fortunate to had bought the $150 Microsoft Complete warranty package which covered accidents like this. I decided to drive to the Wilmington DE Microsoft Store about 1 hour away after work. I made an appointment and got there right on time. The staff was very friendly but in the end, I was forced to ship it out to their service center to get it fixed. I asked them why I could not exchange it in store and they told me they were "out of stock". I asked again but this time it was "they do not have any service replacements but do have Surfaces in stock". This was the first alarm that this wasn't going to be a hassle free return. I insisted that I would like to get the unit back within 5 days for a business trip and they told me they would overnight it to the repair facility. I paid the $50 deducible as required in the insurance policy and drove the 1+ hour home. Fast forward 3 weeks and I still have no clue when I will receive my Surface back.

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