Amazon WTF? - Jim Washkau Jr.

Amazon WTF?

Amazon WTF?

So I was just going browsing my Amazon associate account stats when something strange caught my eye. Now I, of all people, realize that the internet is a strange and pathetic place where morals, ethics, and simple common sense are completely meaningless but I can honestly say that for the first time in awhile this caught me by surprise. If you take a close look at the screen capture you will see that not only did somebody actually buy a bottle of fresh, warm, and apparently lucrative bottle of Wolf Urine but they bought 3 of them. That’s a grand total of 96 ounces of Wolf Urine. What possible use this so called product can actually serve is anybody’s guess, but I am really not going to complain as I have a feeling he will be buying more in the future.


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